Skincare Essentials For Travelling With Your Dog


Here at Anicura we take every opportunity we can to go on fun-filled adventures with our dogs. From swimming on dog-friendly beaches to panoramic hikes in the mountains, there are a few things we never forget to take with us - our Anicura skincare range! Keep reading to find out the many ways our unique products will come in handy when you are travelling with your dog. 

1) Anicura Dog Gel
This is a holy grail for soothing your dog’s skin and paws. We like to refer to it as a must-have in your pet’s first aid kit. Our Gel is very gentle and specifically formulated to be used on scabs, sores and small wounds, as well as sensitive areas such as the face and paw pads. It encourages healing, nourishes the skin, and helps break the itch/scratch cycle. If you are hiking or walking long trails your dog’s paws will be exposed to hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time. This could result in small cuts or cracks to their paws due to the natural terrain (e.g sharp sticks, rocks etc). For any small wounds, cracked paws, or sore skin, use our Gel. The soothing and fast drying formula will not only nourish their paws, but the antibacterial and healing properties will get those paws back to top health in no time.

How to use:  The Gel comes in a small but mighty 100ml bottle - perfect for taking it in your backpack! We recommend you gently clean your dogs’ paws with some clean water or a damp towel. Apply the gel in small amounts at a time. Gently massage it in with clean fingers or dab with a cotton pad to the affected area. Apply 3-4 times a day until the area has healed.

Pro tip: You can also use it on insect bites or nettle stings on your dogs’ skin - as well as yours! 

2) Anicura Dog Spray 
If your pet suffers from environmental allergies their skin is likely to flare up when visiting places with a high pollen count; this might be national parks, forests etc. Pack our travel friendly 100ml Dog Spray which contains 15 natural oils and extracts that instantly soothe the skin and reduce itchiness. Think of cooling oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary! Due to the natural ingredients, the Spray is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals that sink deep into the skin, targeting young skin cells. As these cells mature and come to the surface, they will have become stronger and more able to fend off future flare ups.

How to use: The Spray's fine liquid absorbs almost instantly as it touches the skin. For short-haired dogs, apply generously all over. You can let it naturally absorb or massage it into the skin with your hands. For long-haired or fluffy dogs, try to pull the fur back and apply the product close to the skin. Prevention is key, so we recommend you apply the Spray before you head out on your adventures, and carry the Spray to re-apply as needed. Aim for 3-4 applications during the day if your pet's skin is flaring up.

Pro tip: Due to the high level or natural oils & extracts, the Spray comes in handy as a natural insect repellent when travelling in the great outdoors!

3) Anicura Dog Shampoo
While it’s a little bit bigger than your usual travel size shampoo, our natural Dog Shampoo comes in a slick limited edition 300ml bottle that can fit in any small corner of your bag. If your pet plans on getting muddy or rolling around in the sand, you might be tempted to wash your dog in a shampoo that could do more harm than good to their skin. Products that are generally thought of as ‘gentle’ may actually be really harsh for your dog’s skin - this could be yours or even baby shampoo. Anicura Shampoo is gentle to use as it does not contain harsh or artificial ingredients. It is also perfect if you dog suffers from sensitive, dry, itchy and flaky skin. Even better, our shampoo contains neem oil, a powerful insecticide as well as oatmeal, which soothes the skin and stops the itching at the same time.

Make sure you are prepared for anything by bringing these essentials when venturing out with your dog - now available in our gel, sprays, and bath products!