With yet another warm weekend ahead of us, we wanted to offer you some advice if you're planning to take your pets on a summer adventure. That's why we called in the help of our friends Puggy Smalls, Pop and Pomegranate. They recently shared an amazing video showing how they use Anicura to keep their pooches happy and comfy in the summer months. You can watch the full video on our Instagram account (and we recommend you do - cuteness overload!) but we've also summarised our top tips for you in this short blog.

Watch the video on our Instagram:

1. Well begun is half done

At Anicura, we always recommend looking at the bigger picture when trying to tackle skin issues in your pets, like for instance changing their diet. If your pet has seasonal allergies however, it may feel like there's nothing you can do. This is not the case - you can help your pet maintain healthy skin throughout the year, by feeding the skin the nutrients it needs. Using our Dog Spray is one way of doing this. The skin will become stronger long-term and better able to fend off flare-ups or other allergic reactions, like redness and itchiness. So although the allergy may not go away, its symptoms will be significantly reduced, and your pooch will be much happier!

2. Stay on top of pest control

Did you know that many pets are sensitive to traditional spot on-type flea treatments? That's because they contain lots of harsh chemicals, allowing them to only have to be applied once a month. Our Insect Repellent is nothing like that: because it only contains natural essential oils, it needs to be applied every time your pet goes outside, and preferably every 3-4 hours. Luckily, applying the Insect Repellent couldn't be easier - and it only takes a few seconds. It's also just as effective, without the nasty chemicals!

3. Doggy first aid

We always carry a bottle of Dog Gel with us, just in case our dog runs into any kind of trouble! It's great to instantly relieve itches and specifically designed to be used on scratches and open wounds, even around the face or on the sensitive paw pads. Luckily, we don't find we need it all that often, but if we do it's good to know we're prepared!

4. Post-adventure smells

What's better than a refreshing dive to cool down? Unfortunately, muddy ponds and puddles can leave your pooch smelling... less than fresh. We don't recommend bathing your pets too often, as it could offset the delicate balance of naturally occurring oils in the skin, but our Dog Shampoo is incredibly mild and actually supports the maintenance of healthy skin. And who doesn't love a relaxing soak after a long day of exploring?

Wishing you a great weekend, filled with fun and excitement,
The Anicura Team

PS: No, we have not forgotten about our feline friends! Tune in next time for some advice on keeping your cat cool and happy this season.