We are so pleased to share Rosa's lovely story. Rosa had very itchy, sensitive skin where she would rub herself against furniture and other objects to scratch her back. She also gnawed at the backs of her legs, causing them to have sores and calluses. Her owner, Gillian, even said her eyes looked sore and dull as it was clear she was distressed.

After purchasing our Dog Spray, Rosa stopped itching and seemed full of life again. Our Dog Spray is designed to instantly relieve itchy and sore skin. The natural ingredients we use provide nutrients that strengthen the skin and help prevent flare ups. If you think your dog might need our Dog Spray or other products, you can purchase or browse here

"Thank you so much for making Rosa happy again. Her eyes are now bright and shiny, as is her coat!". Thank you Gillian for Rosa's story and we are so glad our Spray has helped her feel herself again.