Buddy is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. He suffered with itchy hot spots that his owner found difficult to keep at bay due to his love of swimming. 

After seeing the gushing reviews of our Dog Gel, Buddy's owner decided to buy our gel hoping it may help. "The results within a few days were really impressive, this is definitely something I feel I will be using for Buddy for the rest of his life!". 

Our Dog Gel is designed to instantly soothe hot, itchy or irritated skin. Our natural ingredients guarantee your dog will receive the minerals and vitamins their skin needs to build strength against future flare ups. If you think your pup might need our Dog Gel, you can purchase it here

"Just want to say thank you from boy Buddy, he had such bad sores and hot spots and this has worked wonders for him"

Good luck with your swimming adventures Buddy!