Well, I have to say I was skeptical, but this has worked on my Cats sore ear.

Not sure whether it was an insect bite or a scratch from her own foot, but my Roma ended up with a sore on the inside of her ear which she kept scratching, so it wouldn't heal. I put a buster collar on her & tried an over the counter antiseptic cream. No change after 3 days, so I ordered vet grade Manuka honey, which I've successfully used in the past. The Honey worked better than the cream, as the wound was less red, so I took her buster collar off, as she was so depressed with it on....Big mistake!

I think the stickiness of the Honey irritated her, so she scratched herself again, so back on went the collar.

I bought this product after reading the reviews, it arrived quickly and I used it straight away. No stickiness, & no irritation. Within 2 days the redness had gone and a couple of days later, the wound had scabbed over. As Roma wasn't kicking at her collar I took it off, although I still applied this product morning and night for a few days. It never bothered her once!

She's left her ear alone and all that is there is a tiny dry scab.

This product worked quickly and she was comfortable with it on, so I would definitely recommend this product for small wounds.

I wish I had found this sooner, as my beautiful Cat, Luna who died last year, had suffered with food allergies and she often had sore patches on her face, yet only steroids would clear it up, which had a huge impact on her life. For the price, its worth a try!